Anchor Faith Church

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FLORIDA - Our St. Augustine church was the first, and founding church of Anchor Faith Church. We began in 2004.

GEORGIA - Igniting the City of Valdosta, Georgia since 2009. Pastored by Mark & Ashley Brady.

PUERTO RICO - Planted in 2011 by Pastors Arnel & Vanessa Cintron. A growing ministry, reaching an influential nation.

NICARAGUA - A training and outreach ministry for men. We serve those with addictions & teach about the victory of Christ.

Upcoming Events

Full Force Kingdom Conference 2014 Click here to listen to Pastor Earl Click here to listen to Pastor Earl

The Vision

IGNITE THE CITY - Become a part of Anchor Faith Church in your area. Get involved, and help reach your city.

IMPACT THE NATION - Let the voice of the Holy Spirit be heard through you! Join us as we will impact this nation.

INFLUENCE THE WORLD - Grab ahold of the gospel of the Kingdom so that you can see how big a plan God has for us. Don't live for yourself, but for the Kingdom in the world.

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